South Island Week

I am writing this post while sitting in Anth’s student flat in Dunedin, wrapped up in a blanky with a cup of tea. I thought it was meant to be summer!
What a week it’s been. On Monday I had a phone interview for a job contract in Australia and got the job! I will be in a tiny wee mining town in Western Australia called Norseman. Population – 800. I am really thrilled with this placement as it’s super close to where one of my best friends Rose lives in Esperance. Could not have been any more perfect. On my days off I can catch a 2hr bus to go visit her and her adorable baby girl :D


On Tuesday I flew to Wellington and finally sorted out my working visa for the UK. I had to get my fingerprints specially registered and then post off all the paperwork and passport. Then when I arrived back in Blenheim, Anth, Snazz and I went to the golf driving range and had a great time whacking balls.


On Wednesday we packed up and left Blenheim behind us. My lucky little brother was quite happy in his now clean house. We drove over to the West Coast to Greymouth and stayed in the coolest backpackers ever. I would highly recommend this place if you want somewhere funky and friendly to stay in. The rooms are decorated with an animal theme. We got to stay in the Elephant room (was very very cool).
On Thursday we drove down the coast to Haast to visit Ma and Pa. We stopped by the glaciers on the way as I had never seen them before. Pretty breathtaking I have to say.


We stayed in Haast for 3 nights and got eaten alive by the sandflies. I have never had so many sandfly bites. I am not sure how my parents are coping with it. Must be crazy. On Friday we had the most amazing lunch at the Craypot. It’s at this beautiful tiny little bay near Haast. Well worth the drive.


Saturday we went fishing. I sadly did not have the casting talent so sat nursing my sore wrists while Mum and Dad each caught a fish (Ant’s one got away). I got to be chief photographer for the day instead. Later I practised my photography skills on this gorgeous Haast sunset.


The next day on Sunday we packed up again, and post some very sad hugs with my parents, drove off again heading towards Dunedin. On the way we stopped by the famous Queenstown’s Fergburger for lunch. Our burgers were I have to say, the BEST BURGERS EVER. Especially mine which was slow cooked pork belly with apple sauce burger. YUM. This pic is Ant post-burger looking a bit full.


Another thing I have to point out is that Queenstown wasn’t really on our way.. We actually added another 2 hours to our drive just to have delicious Fergburgers for lunch. And it was worth it.
Then we arrived in Dunedin just in time for dinner. We had a couple of gourmet pies that we’d brought from Fergbaker (located right next to Fergburger, same company if you hadn’t guessed) which were also AMAZING and DELICIOUS. Just typing about it now makes me want to drive to Queenstown stat and get some more.
And now today (Monday) I am enjoying the slower pace and cooler weather of Dunedin. Next weekend I will be flying out to Australia to start working so I am going to enjoy lazing round for now and foot massages from Ant. He doesn’t know about this part of the plan yet :P


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