More About Me


Having too much fun in a basket in Haast

My name is Sacha.

I live in that wee country called New Zealand where there are more sheep than people and flightless birds running around. It’s located near Australia which I am sure you must have heard of before.

I’ve lived a fairly average life so far with studying to be a nurse, getting a job, slaving away at said job, getting very settled in my life and ways, accumulating things in the pursuit of happiness but never really satisfied with what I had.

Until I made a decision.

To quit my job, sell all of my possessions, and go travelling overseas on the big kiwi OE (a.k.a working holiday).

And then the beginning of a plan was born. Follow my blog and share my adventures with me as I go in search of freedom and adventure over the next couple of years (starting from June 2013).


9 thoughts on “More About Me

    • Oh sorry! I forget that OE is kiwi terminology. It means overseas experience. I think Americans would call it a gap year. Except in my case it will be a two year-gap year :D

      • Looking on your page it looks like you’ve done a contiki tour too! So you can already see that travelling actually isn’t so scary. I think you would find jumping off the bandwagon will be the best thing you’ve ever done. Where are you from?

      • Well yes and no. I’m terrible and didn’t really do any research before heading over to Europe! But I think it depends on your personality. I quite like turning up in a place, and then heading to the info centre to plan what to do and talking to the locals for recommendations. I’m just not a planner or a researcher haha. I think for the most important info to get was the visa stuff

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