Next Step [tick]

Yesterday I took the next step towards my dream and moved out of my Christchurch house.
With just a carload worth of things (which honestly was mostly Anths’s stuff), we drove off leaving behind my home of 6 years and into the sunset.
The day before I had finished whittling down my processions to the minimum. To make it a little easier I did decide to take a suitcase to Australia and set aside my backpack for when I fly over to London. I went to the rubbish dump and chucked out everything that didn’t fit in the suitcase. It was a really satisfying sensation throwing my junk down into the pit. My favourite things to throw were the items that tended to smash into pieces on hitting the pit floor. Then a big digger comes and smushes those things a bit more and shoves it to the side to make more space for the next person.
Now I am relaxing up in Blenheim. My home town where I spent my teenage years growing up and where my family lives. Just my little brother is home for now while Ma and Pa are away working on the West Coast. Unfortunately Nick hasn’t quite learned how to clean yet in his 19 years of being around. So although the house is tidy, it’s pretty grubby and smells like a cat lady lives here.
For now I’ll be cleaning and catching up with long-term childhood friends. Having a phone job interview for an Aussie contract (Eek hope I get it! Wish me luck), before doing some quick flights to Wellington to sort out a working visa for the UK. So seriously do cross your fingers and toes for me during this interview. It will be much appreciated.


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