Goodbye Berlin and HELLO Central Germany

My apologies for the tiny delay in producing this post. I blame laziness, procrastination, and simply falling so far behind with posting that it was easier to put it off for a rainy day. And guess what, today is raining :)

I left Berlin on a bus feeling drained and hungover. And mildly stressed as catching the metro train from the other side of the city had taken a little longer than anticipated resulting in me running with my heavy backpack to the bus station. Sadly not an unusual occurrence for me.

My train trundled through the German motorways heading south. Eventually a few hours later I arrived in Frankfurt. This wasn’t my final destination for the day though as I was actually staying in a nearby town called Butzbach where’d I managed to scope out a cheap little private room through Airbnb for a few nights. I desperately needed some solo sleeping time to recover and become my normal self again.

My main reason for coming to this part of Germany was to visit an old kiwi mate. He had just moved to a nearby city called Giesson (just a short train ride north of Frankfurt) with his girlfriend, and I was proud to be their first kiwi visitor.

Stolen from their facebook as my only photo has L giving me the evils

While staying in the area, I did do little exploring the of nearby area including Frankfurt itself and a cute little town called Marburg. And some of Giesson itself too of course with my own personal tour guides. The weather was miserable but I didn’t let that stop me.

The infamous watering can tree of Giesson

The view at the top of Marburg

One of a row of creepy goat heads on a Marburg wall

Memories of this German casserole that I paired with mulled wine is making me salivate. It was the perfect meal on such a chilly dreary day

In the main square of Frankfurt

The city even has it’s own lovelock bridge fitting in with the rest of Europe

Funky pumpkins in a market. Side note: I had some of the best soup ever from one of the stalls here

A moving memorial wall of victims of the holocaust

My solo nights flew by rather quickly in Butzbach. And then I headed on my way to the next destination on another bus. I was visiting another friend in Nuremberg for just a night before heading to my final Germany destination. Nuremberg was a gorgeous wee city. I could instantly see why my Australian mate had chosen to settle here. The place had charm! And tasty food.

Mmm pork knuckles. So tender the meat was falling off the bones

There were gorgeous canals with gorgeous views like this everywhere

And crazy strange statues dotted everywhere

What the? Surely this would give children nightmares?

Crazy cool churches

Nuremberg was for sure one of my favourites stops in Germany. It is where I’d pick to live if I ever moved to Germany. One night was not enough for this sweet charming city filled with so much character. Plus it was awesome to catch up with a friend that I’d met originally in Northern Italy and hiked 10 hours with. Frankfurt was surprisingly neat too for being such a business city and could have also done with more than just a few hours spent wandering around. But the wheels keep turning, the clock keeps ticking, and I had my final German destination to get to.

Where I stayed: A lovely well-priced private room I found through Airbnb. It was in the family home of a couple of teachers whose children had all left the nest, so they were making use of the spare rooms. Here is the link if you are interested.
Price: €21 per night in a warm cozy room
Great! Friendly and hospitable. Only 30 minutes by train from Frankfurt. And 10 minutes from Giesson. Much much cheaper than staying in Frankfurt in a small village.


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