Guten Tag Hamburg!

My flight from Dublin was far too early in the morning. Like way too early for any sane person to wake up.  It was nice watching the sunrise through the plane windows as my plane flew towards Northern Germany. But not so nice saying goodbye to my good Irish mate. I hate goodbyes.

Arriving in Hamburg, I settled into my hostel and had a chilled cheeky few hours catching up on this blog. You made have noticed I’m just a little bit behind on posts. I’m actually in New York City typing this at the moment about a month later in this trip. But don’t worry, you’ll catch up to me eventually. But I did enjoy a nice stroll and some really good Thai lemongrass soup later in the afternoon.

My neighbourhood

A cool little ‘beach’ bar area that I found next to the river

The main view over River Elbe

See the cranes and boats in the above photo? Hamburg is known for being the second largest port in Europe. There was a lot of activity happening in that shipping yard. It was interesting to sit and watch for a while. And then I kept walking until my feet hurt.

The next day, just to punish my feet a little more, I did a Sandmans walking tour and learned interesting things such as the fact that swans are protected in Hamburg. You aren’t allowed to hit them or even insult them. As a result the swans have a bit of a habit of grabbing food out of people’s hands. But there’s nothing you can do unless you fancy a hard punishment. We also walked past some lovely architecture and many many canals.

This building was impressively pointy

Lovely canal buildings

Yet another European love-lock bridge

The warehouse factory/millionaire apartment area

Overall I didn’t find Hamburg terribly memorable. It was muggy and overcast for most of my stay which isn’t terribly inspiring for my photography or mood I find. Plus I had had a few very tough goodbyes in the last couple of weeks so needed some time to process and mope. I also found that some of the attractions I was interested in were difficult to get into. One being the Dialogue in the Dark museum. This is one where you get to experience what it’s like to be blind. Sounded super interesting but the museum runs very few English tours each day which fill up quickly. I wasn’t able to do one to my frustration before my Hamburg time was up. But some parts were cool. I made a good friend at my hostel who I ended up meeting up with again later in my trip. And I discovered that good soup place. Win!

Where I stayed: Meininger Hamburg City Center
Price: €21 a night in an 8 bed dorm
Overall: More of a hotel than a hostel with the setup and clean modern-ness of it. Didn’t really have that friendly groungy hostel feel but was fine to stay in for a couple of nights.


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