A United Road Trip – Part 2 – Castles and Tea Parties

This post is part of a series called The United Road Trip which is a 12 day roadtrip I undertook within the United Kingdom in September. You can read part 1 here.

The next morning we were up and out of the campsite with another big drive day ahead of us. Packing the car up, we zoomed away northward towards Tintagel Castle. The castle itself was mostly ruins, but the views and landscape setting were vividly beautiful. Supposedly this was the birthplace of King Arthur once upon a time.

Photo taken by Shelley Hasseldine. Dancing my way towards the castle

The views were magical

The stairs were endless

Merlin’s Cave

Photo credit to Shelley Hasseldine

Silly Shelley

The driving then continued to a wee village called Clovelly in Devon. A place that Shelley had been to before and wanted to share with me.

It doesn’t look that bad, but the street was actually really steep! So steep that no cars are allowed. The villagers used to use donkeys to get up and down

The children were tame

As were the cats

Photo credit to Shelley Hasseldine, the port of Clovelly with the tide out

A lovely waterfall which was a bit of a hike along the seafront from the port

Photography war! Photo taken by Shelley Hasseldine

A cream tea was needed halfway back up the hill to give us strength to continue onto the carpark

We drove through Exmoor National Park (the scenic route) on the way to our destination for the night in Bath. The national park itself wasn’t particularly impressive. Perhaps me and Shelley had already become snobbish in what constituted beauty too early on in our trip. But we did see wild horses on the road which was the highlight of the park.

The horse looking rather proud at making it across the road. Notice the other one further down?? That makes it a HERD of HORSES blocking the road. We had to completely stop, and take photos.

Eventually we made it to Bath after what felt like a silly amount of hours. We stayed with a cousin of Shelley which meant real live beds. In separate rooms even. Amazing! My sleep was very deep that night.

The next day we headed to Cardiff as a bit of a day trip. However the day started off with a bit of a moodkill right from the beginning when we discovered the Doctor Who Experience was closed. Wah! And how unlucky.

We were so distressed, we needed cups of tea on arrival. This was at Pettigrew’sTearooms near Cardiff Castle which I would highly recommend. The food was delicious!

One of the modern art displays in the Wales Millennium Centre

A lonely looking tartis. Photo credit Shelley Hasseldine


Shelley was particularly devastated. I guess at least I’d gotten to see it last year already :( Photo credit Shelley Hasseldine

We did a lot of walking around Cardiff feeling sad. The lack of Doctor Who was quite a kill-joy. Neither of us felt hugely inspired to see many attractions. Even my tour-guiding skills were terrible with a ‘that’s a thing over there’, and ‘that statue was someone important, can’t remember who’. Admittedly I was trying to remember my guided tour from the last time I visited Cardiff over a year ago. We drank some fab New Zealand cider at a Welsh pub in the middle of Bute Park to cool off our sore and tired feet. Then discovered the price of parking in Cardiff is a little bit horrendous. A whole £18 we paid for six hours parking. Ick.

And back to Bath with its’ lovely comfy beds we went making plans to return again to Cardiff once the Doctor Who Experience re-opened.


6 thoughts on “A United Road Trip – Part 2 – Castles and Tea Parties

    • Hopefully we will get a chance when I pop back to England at the end of Oct. It was closed to ‘regenerate’ and get updated with the new doctor. Fingers crossed it’s finished in time

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