A United Road Trip – Part 1 – Lands End

I landed back in England and felt that sweet relief at being back in an English speaking country again. A few hours later after the dreaded customs and train ride, I was snuggled into Shelley’s bed.

Back to England already I hear you say. Well yes is the the short answer. A few months ago Shelley and I decided to plan a bit of a trip together. Her annual leave booked and confirmed, I then found out that my nursing work contract would finish earlier than expected by about eleven days. I decided that was perfectly okay and hence immediately began planning a Greece trip. Because of cause I can’t just not utilise that time when Greece was crying out for me to visit.

I was done with Greece now and ready to start the next segment of my travels – a United Kingdom road trip!

I’ll just catch some of you newer readers up on Shelley. She is also a travelling kiwi that went to high school with me back in New Zealand. And then moved and lived in the same city as me for our respective tertiary studies. We even moved to the United Kingdom within a few months of each other and did a Contiki Europe tour together to start off our new lives with a bang. We’ve become quite close as a result of all of this.

Despite living in England for a while however (over a year now!), there were still places and corners that neither of us had gotten around to seeing. Hence the road trip idea was born. The next few posts will cover our trip, seventeen hundred miles, and the beautiful places we saw in the United Kingdom.

After a sleepy start we hit the road heading southwards. A loooong drive later we had reached England’s most southern point Land’s End in Cornwall.


Welcome to Penzance SQWRAK

A real Cornish pasty during our Penzance break

Pretty Penzance boats

St Michael’s Mount in the distance


Lands End tourist town. Entry to the town and cliffs costs the price of parking £3

The views weren’t bad I have to say!

Watch out for those steep tempting cliffs


Some cute little model houses. I posed by this one because of the name

Just bloody gorgeous.

You could probably tell we were really lucky with the weather. And spoiler alert but this wasn’t Shelley’s first visit here. Her last visit involved a huge amount of foggy mist and views like this:


Image from Wikipedia

After a while we forced ourselves away from the views. It was nearly dark and we still needed to find somewhere to camp before dark fell. We found a remote campground further north on the coast after a bit of a drive and got the tent up just in time. We were soon snuggled up in sleeping bags nibbling on a snacky dinner watching Doctor Who in preparation for a later part of our trip.

Photo taken by Shelley Hasseldine


Where did we stay: A random campsite near Pendeen
Cost: £6 per adult and car
Overall: Basic but prefect for what we needed.


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