Naxos, Greek Islands

By the time I arrived in Naxos and at my hostel, it was pretty late at night. 1am to be exact. I was just a little bit tired. I’d also taken the liberty of pre-arranging my accommodation this time. Not willing to leave it to chance again after my accidental budget blow-out on Mykonos.

I went to sleep that night and dreamed of being on the slow ferry crossing from Mykonos to Naxos. It was a cheap ferry at a mere €10 per ticket. But that made it a slow ferry which took a whole four hours to traverse the short distance between islands. Ah well. Made it in the end.

I woke up the next morning and went exploring for breakfast. Naxos is the biggest island out of the Greek Cyclades and a short way off the usual beaten tourist track although still reasonably popular. I was staying in the main port town (also called Naxos City) for just two nights. The sun was shining and hot. I was feeling much happier on this island with its much lower number of tourists and cheaper prices.

The port with the ‘city’ behind it

The Old Town with white walls and contrasting blues

Within the Old Town

Directions were basic within the Old Town and written on stones or post-it notes

The castle. Right at the top of the Old Town

One of the more wild looking beaches next to the city. That might be Mount Zeus in the distance

The main ruin on the island – Apollo Temple with the city in the background

See the Greek grandmothers having their swim and chat?

One of the beaches I went to. Pretty nice! You have to catch a bus to get here as Naxos City only has one beach close by.

It was a day of exploring and relaxing and enjoying the hot sunshine. I ate good food and sat with my feet hanging in the water watching the Greek grandmothers socialising away in the middle of the lagoon. Wandering the hillside labyrinth of lanes and shops within the Old Town and getting lost. Talking to the shop keepers who were genuinely pleased that I’d chosen to shop in their shop. Walking until my feet hurt and my skin burnt. Feeling much happier with Naxos’s simple peaceful beauty compared to the pricey and over-crowded Mykonos.

Where I stayed: Soula Hotel
Price: €15 per night in a 4 bed dorm
Overall: Nice hostel. The hostel did pick-up and drop-off guests for free from the port as a bonus. Plus the rooms were quite nice with a full kitchen, ensuite and air conditioning. It wasn’t an overwhelming place but I’d say it probably depends on the coolness of your roommates for that to happen.


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