The Mystery of Mykonos, Greek Islands

My travelling adventure had begun as I left my Brighton home, beloved workmates and friends behind. I arrived at Gatwick with plenty of time to spare. So much time in fact that my flight had been delayed by a couple of hours. I was able to entertain myself with some netflix action while I patiently waited.

Eventually I landed in Mykonos later that day and quickly discovered I was wearing far too much clothing. Carrying my little backpack I strolled through the quaint Mykonos village dodging crowds of tourists all snapping photos, heading down towards the ferry port. I’d decided after some research that although I was flying to Mykonos, I would actually catch a ferry onwards to another closeby island for my first night of travelling where the accommodation is cheaper. Mykonos is notorious for being expensive for accommodation with being known as the honeymoon island. There were some cheap camping bungalow options but I didn’t really fancy that.

I was dismayed to realise though that with my flight delay and late arrival, I’d missed the final ferry to my intended island. I was therefore stuck on Mykonos!

The good news was that it was still daylight so I had time to find a place to sleep. I managed to locate a room agency and found the cheapest room available in a Greek home was fifty euros a night. Right out of my budget range. Hm I thought to myself, maybe that nasty looking but very cheap camping place wouldn’t be such a bad option. I trudged off to find some wifi to suss it out. The camping option was all full up unfortunately. It looked like I was going to have to spend fifty euros in order to not sleep on the beach.

But my bad luck was continuing. I got to the room agency only to find it had closed for the day. Wah. The hotel agency next to it was still open though. I asked the lady if she could book me one of those Greek rooms. Nope was the answer. Her knowledge was only the island hotels. Suddenly my cheapest option for a bed that night increased up to ninety euros minimum. Travel budget well and truly blown and only on the first day. Double wah.

I checked into my smacy hotel. And then headed out to explore.

My fancy room

One of the iconic Mykonos windmills


Maybe it’s not so bad here after all

My bad luck kept on going the next morning. It’s true that bad things come in threes. I’d booked a cheap ferry for the morning to escape Mykonos and head to cheap Naxos. But due to some windy bad weather, my ferry was delayed for eight hours. Eight whole hours. O M G.

I couldn’t even hang out on the beach for the day as it was literally too windy to do anything but hide in various shops and corners and wait for time to pass. It was a long day filled with naps in odd places and reading my kindle. Mykonos doesn’t really have any attractions other than the beach and shopping. And the shopping was not an option for me with my tiny backpack. I somehow managed to not kill myself with boredom.

This sweet kitty kept me company for a bit at the port

Finally here!

I was just a little bit excited to finally get onto my ferry and sail away from Mykonos. The island was beautiful but lacked substance in my opinion and definitely overpriced. The hordes of tourists weren’t very appealing either.

Where I stayed: Hotel Delfines
Price: €90 in a private 3 bed room (the price was actually €140 a night but the hotel owner felt sorry for me with being alone and desperate so discounted it)
Overall: Basic but very nice with an ensuite and little fridge. It was a little bit of a bonus to have a room to myself even though it came at a price. The hotel owner was very kind and chatty. The wifi brilliant.


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