Switzerland Lakes – Part 2

After Geneva, I was off again via the train this time heading towards the other end of Lake Geneve towards another village popular within my Facebook survey. I could see why on arrival that more than one of my friends felt Montreux was their favourite place in Switzerland.

I could have stayed in Montreux quite happily. There were a few things I wanted to do like the chocolate train and a couple of interesting sounding museums. But I had a friend to meet in Zurich and time was marching on. After a quick wander through the castle (Château de Chillon) and lakeside stroll, I was back on the train and hurtling through the Alps towards the North.

On arriving it was great to meet up with a Swiss friend that I’d originally met in Budapest. But I have to admit I didn’t find Zurich as appealing or beautiful as Geneva and Montreux. It might have been because the weather was terrible with overcast skies and drizzle. But I also felt like there were fewer attractions that appealed to me. The food was delicious though. Sara introduced me to her favourite vegetarian restaurant called Tibits. Which. Was. AMAZING. It was one of those buffet style places where you pay by the weight of your plate. It’s very difficult to avoid over-loading up your plate as everything looks mouth-watering. I’m happy to say that there is a Tibits in London so don’t worry if Zurich isn’t on your to visit list for a while. There is hope!

My camera ate my Zurich photos unfortunately. But a couple survived:

A high swan population in Zurich as you can see

So where’s my food huh??

I thought it was interesting how only swan-related photos survived but hey who knows with my camera. Maybe it’s just really really into swans.

And with that my Switzerland trip was over. I was away for just four beautiful nights. I did time my return flight back to be late in the day so that way I could explore Zurich some more. But I hadn’t banked on bad weather which resulted in me sulking through a museum before hiding back at my hostel in the dry warmth.

Where I stayed: Youthhostel Zurich
Price: €36 in a six bed dorm (Swiss hostels are NOT cheap)
Overall: I liked this hostel more than my Geneva one. It had a warmer and friendlier environment as well as being quite modern. There was a music band playing in the hang out area when I arrived and a bar for hostel guests. The beds were super comfortable. I would almost just stay at this hostel again for the sleep quality alone.


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