Working Like a Slave

Since my last post, I’ve been working working working. Saving up for the next big travelling trip. Of course I’ve still had some fun.

There was the weekend with gorgeous sunshine and the annual Brighton naked bike ride.

Stunning weather for the beach

A merry-go-round on the pier

The famous Brighton Lanes

And of course some naked people on bicycles for my readers. 

The weekend Shelley came to visit and we explored a bit more of Brighton.

Within the Seven Sisters national park

With the Seven Sisters cliffs in the background

The view in the other direction

On top of the cliffs

Shelley relaxing in front of the Royal Pavilion

And myself

My new favourite pub that I introduced Shelley to

And another one with delicious cocktails

My favourite photo from when we ended up at the beach. With the old West Pier in the distance

There was another weekend that I spent in London at Holifestival throwing paint powder at some people I’d only just met.

Looking very clean at the start of the festival

Boom paint time

Paint powder explosion

Another day I went for a stroll with a friend to Devil’s Dyke. Another local national park close to Brighton.

The view from the bus stop on the way to Devil’s Dyke

Some paragliders at the top of Devil’s Dyke

Walking through lovely English countryside

These ducks were keen for a feed

The dyke itself

And of course there are many more stories. But as hard as I’m working and watching the bank account grow, I’m still letting myself have some fun on my days off. All the while counting down until this work contract finishes.

I like to imagine that my neighbour Mr Sheep is saying ‘Don’t leeeeave me Sachaa Baaa’ in the background


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