Moving on to Split (my pants), Croatia 

After a terrible title pun and a sad hug goodbye to my latest travel bestie, I trudged out of the charming Old Town of Dubrovnik towards the main bus station. I really felt like I could have stayed longer quite easily. And I would have if I hadn’t had an upcoming return flight to the United Kingdom rather soon.

As the bus vroomed along the long windy coastal road of the Dalmatian coast, I admired the lovely views. Usually I prefer to read or utilise the time to work on blog post drafts during such moments. But the road was just twisty enough to make me nauseous if I attempted any such reading. Ah well. At least the view made up for it.
The Split bus terminal is right next to the ferry port and train station making it quite a busy location. Stepping off the bus you are greeted by locals holding signs advertising spare rooms for cheap prices in their homes. It’s a bit chaotic initially.
Once I made it to my hostel I settled in for the night. I was feeling pretty wiped. I also needed to do some research for the following day. Which ended up being rather confusing as there is hardly any information online about the ferry timetables. I found I had to go back down to port and peer at each company’s booth down in the port to see the actual sailing times.

Looking out over the port waters

The city of Split at sunset
After waking the next morning, I wandered down to the ferry port and hopped on a ferry bound for the nearby island of Hvar.

View from the fortress up on the hill
It was a pretty lazy day. The weather was sunny and hot. The temperature of the water still rather chilly. After a quick exploration of the main Hvar attractions, I settled in to relax on the beach with a picnic style lunch. Well kind of a beach. It was more a large flat rock shelf next to the blue water.

I got back late to Split that night and went to bed at a decent time after a yummy pizza at a nearby pizzeria (not photographed secondary to extreme hunger). I had an early start the next morning to head to my next and final Croatian destination.

My favourite photo from my wander to my dinner spot
You may have noticed in this post that all I really saw for my stay in Split was the ferry port, an island, the place I ate dinner at both nights, and my hostel. The city of Split itself didn’t really appeal all that much to me. I can’t really explain why. I’m sure it’s a lovely place with many hidden wonders. I just wasn’t really feeling in the mood for the hustle and bustle of a city. So I decided I really wanted an island day with some peace and quiet just to unwind for a bit. Hvar definitely did that for me. Lying in the sun feeling utterly relaxed recharged my batteries and got me ready for my next stop in Croatia’s capital city.

Where I stayed: Backpackers Fairytale
Price: €13 a night in a 6 bed dorm
Overall: It was an okay hostel. I didn’t find anything particularly special about it. It’s on the top floor of a rather tall building with no elevator. I didn’t get that ‘click’ with any of the other guests there either which might explain why the hostel didn’t feel more than okay to me. As it really is the people you meet and the atmosphere that makes a place outstanding.

10 thoughts on “Moving on to Split (my pants), Croatia 

    • All of Croatia is beautiful. And cheap compared to Central Europe. It is an amazing place to travel in

      On Wednesday, June 18, 2014, Travelling Kiwi Chick Blog wrote:


  1. Howdy! Would you mind if I share your weblog with my twitter group? Theres lots of people that I think would truly enjoy your content material. Please let me know. Thanks adebdgbegbdb

    • Aye yes Jadrolinija is one of the companies. The main one. I did find their website. I struggled to find any online ferry timetables for the other companies though. Once I went physically down to the port I was able to find out more sailing times and options to get to Hvar which suited me better :)
      And thank you. Glad you enjoyed

    • I was also there in low season right before the end of July so there were fewer sailings which didn’t help but made it to Hvar in the end! And with a small sleepin

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