Waking up in Dubrovnik, Croatia

I was pretty gleeful waking up the next morning knowing I was in a different country. Finding out that the Canadian chick I shared my ferry cabin with overnight was booked for the same hostel in Dubrovnik was even cooler. The free included breakfast with delicious scrambled eggs became the icing on the cake.
We headed through customs together, figured out how to get Croatian money, caught the bus, and were soon on our way towards the old town area. A.k.a King’s Landing.
That first day was spent with new good friends. Canadian chick (Martha) and I walked around the city walls together, got overpriced but delicious juices, and headed to the beach with some American girls from our hostel. The beach was small but gorgeous. The water chilly but I had to go right in of course. Can’t have a European holiday in the Mediterranean without going swimming at least once. The water was deep and clear. I could see fish swimming below me as I treaded water.
Loved the view from the city wall
Looking down into the Old Town fishing port
Gazing across the Old Town orange roofs 
The four of us lay in the sun nibbling on picnic-style food for a long time almost falling asleep in the hot sun. Martha and I had planned to do a walking tour that afternoon but the beach was too relaxing to leave.
The small beach
The next day I spent again with Martha (she was one of those rare people that you have that instant best-friend connection with), and we went for a full-day kayaking tour around one of the nearby Elaphiti Islands. It was a stunning day and the water so blue. I even got the chance to jump off a cliff.
Approaching the Island Lopud on the ferry
A beach that we chillaxed on during the lunchbreak
Very sexy kayaking outfits
See me jumping at the top?
Our guide was called Marco. And I did resist the temptation to play the game Marco/Polo successfully. I would highly recommend his company (Outdoor Croatia) if you want to go kayaking or do other active sports in Dubrovnik. The gear is all top of the range and the guides very enthusiastic about the sport. Plus the scenery is so beautiful so you can’t go wrong. Cost €55 (so worth it).
Views from the ferry heading back to Dubrovnik
#stilllovethatvintagefilter ;)
For dinner that night the group of us tried out an excellent Bosnian restaurant called Taj Mahal. The food was so good! The best meal for my whole Croatia visit actually. You really must eat here on your visit.
Couldn’t tell you the name of the dish as it had a crazy Croatian name. But I am considering flying back to Dubrovnik just to eat this again
For my last morning, Martha and I decided to make it awesome. We went looking for a bar with a great view just outside the city walls so we could enjoy a final drink. It’s a tricky place to find and we got a little lost on the way.
Croatian dancing in the main square
We stumbled across a cat sanctuary filled with multiple sleeping cats
See the bar on the rocks? This was our intended destination
Eventually we found it and chilled out with beer and coffee. The view was amazing. Actually everything about the city was amazing. I was feeling sad about leaving! So was Martha!!
Made it!
The only thing I regretted was not doing a Game of Thrones walking tour. That would have made my Dubrovnik visit perfect. All of the King’s Landing scenes are filmed in Dubrovnik. And apparently the tour guide participated in the scene where the crowds are all angry at King Joffrey and throw stuff at him. But the tour is something that really needed to be organised in advance. If only I’d realised before turning up in Croatia! Darn my lack of planning.
A sweaty hug with Martha (it was a stinking hot day again) and we were off on our separate ways. She to Paris, and me to the bus station. Boo.

Where I stayed: Fresh* Sheets Hostel
Price: €33 in a 4 bed dorm
Overall: Great hostel! It was expensive admittedly at double the price I prefer to spend, but it is the only hostel in located in the Old Town inside the city walls. It is also apparently where Tyrion Lannister slept (or passed out) during the Game of Thrones filming for a night. The hostel itself is really really nice and clean with funky little decor touches. My room had real beds rather than bunks! I would definitely stay again there very happily despite the price.

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