Ferry Power! Goodbye Italy 

I was up early the next morning and at the main Rome train station almost an hour before my train was scheduled to leave. There was no way I wanted to fail for a second time at reaching Bari in time for my ferry.

After getting on the wrong train just two days ago, I was a little paranoid. I felt the need to question the station staff that I was most definitely getting on the Bari train. Even though the train had signs on the doors saying Bari. And the electronic sign on the platform also said Bari. I may have also questioned one or two passengers on the train itself too. I just really did not want to screw up again.
Six hours later I arrived into Bari. Yippee! The only downside was that it was only 3pm. My ferry wasn’t until 10pm so I had some time to kill. Bari is a rather small place so there wasn’t a heck of a lot to do. I mainly spent it sunbathing with a bit of wandering. I also had my last Italian gelato. Twice.
Eventually I was able to check in at the ferry terminal and get on the ferry. I snuggled up in my cozy cabin and fell asleep to the rocking of the boat as it sailed away from Italy.
So relieved to make it to the boat
Can’t believe I really am on the boat!
Goodbye Italy 

Where I stayed: On a Jadrolinija ferry
Price: €15 extra on top of the ferry ticket for a bed in a 4 bed cabin (which was half empty anyway).
Overall: A little cramped. And possibly not for claustrophobics. But there’s no way I would do an overnight ferry without booking a bed. I also surprisingly sleep well being on a boat. And best of all, breakfast was included with this ferry company. Yum scrambled eggs!

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    • Yes you should definitely be excited! The next section of my trip was the best part ;)

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