Oh Romeo, Romeo.. Verona, North Italy

I sadly left my new Como chums behind in the train station and headed towards Verona.

I did stay at the bottom of another lake called Lake Garda in a smallish town named Peschirea del Garda for a night before heading to Verona, but it was nowhere near the awesomeness or beauty of Lake Como. The hostel itself wasn’t so special either. I also accidentally deleted all my photos from my evening strolling around so it’s not even really worth mentioning.
One of the only two photos that survived
Gazing out at the misty lake
I arrived into Verona train and was pleased to make use of the left luggage facility. That is something that Italy is very good at is having a luggage storage area in every train station. It does cost of course with a price of €6 minimum for the first five hours, but it’s worth it for me to not have to carry my heavy backpack around.
I hadn’t actually stayed in Verona the night before as the only accommodation left was pricey hotels and B&Bs. I guess any cheaper hostels were booked out as hostelworld.com only shows available places on your chosen dates. But that didn’t matter as I only wanted to spend a few hours seeing the romantic attractions before heading further north to stay with a friend.
The sights were very crowded with tourists but I managed to wander around and see the Roman arena, a castle, Romeo’s house (just the outside door so not actually as interesting as it sounds), Juliet’s balcony, all the cool love graffiti around her balcony, and her tomb. The majority of my Verona photos were also deleted as I mentioned in my last post (wah!), but a couple of favourites did survive. I have borrowed some images from Google to help you visualise too.
The Roman Arena. It was pretty way cool to see in person. I ate my lunch in a park right next to it. Image from ancient.eu.com
Juliet’s balcony – Image from http://www.visititaly.com
A really interesting form of graffiti at Juliet’s balcony. This is chewing gum stuck onto the stone walls then written on with a love message
Yum plasters
There were also love-locks right next to all the chewing gum
Juliet’s tomb. Image from http://www.destination360.com
After all that Juliet excitement, and seeing the door to Romeo’s house, it was time to head back to the train station. I jumped on the next train to Bolzano and relaxed on my seat as the train hurtled northwards towards the top of Italy.

Where I stayed: Meet Gardalake Hostel, Peschirea del Garda
Price: €18 for an 8 bed dorm
Overall: it’s a brand new hostel. I stayed on the hostel’s third night of being open, and was one of the only two guests staying that night. It was a really nice new building with hotel-quality décor and extremely flash ensuite bathrooms. It will get better with time. The staff had to learn how to use the eftpos machine when I checked in but I’m sure they’ll have the hang of things in no time.


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    • I had such a horrible feeling in my stomach right after I hit delete cause I knew is forgotten to check of they actually uploaded…. But I have put the sd card somewhere safe and have hopes I can recover the photos when I’m back in the uk with a computer

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