Meh Milano, North Italy

It was raining heavily as I left the gorgeous Cinque Terre coast. I hopped off the train in Genova, saw the rain continued pouring down, and got back on the train.

I arrived in Milano after a while and headed to a horrible hostel to hide from the rain and chill out for the rest of the evening. I also wanted to do some more research on a good location to head the next day.
I found Milano to be.. Well just a city. I can’t stay I actually enjoyed my stay there. I wandered around the next day and didn’t find anything special. I was bored. The only reason I persisted in trying to make myself interested in the city was primarily because the check-in of my next hostel destination didn’t open until 5pm.
My attempt failed and I left the city feeling bewildered. Milano wasn’t particularly pretty or scenic. It didn’t have any attractions that screamed mememe! Even the park I sunbathed in was average. Am I just a spoiled traveller bitch now? I did find talking to other backpackers later in my trip that my viewpoint of Milan was actually quite common. They also strongly agreed. Thank goodness! Maybe I’m not that spoilt.
The city seemed to be only good for shopping. Which makes sense given that it is the fashion capital of Italy. What a shame I don’t allow myself to shop with my already too heavy backpack ae. Instead I trudged around feeling scungy in my probably-needed-to-be-washed-two-weeks-ago-and-definitely-not-in-fashion-clothes.
Just another cathedral. Still all dark and dusty on the inside with that strangely repetitive theme about Jesus Christ
A castle.. Snore..
Archway leading into a rather expensive shopping centre. Okay kinda cool
My favourite sight, a wedding couple posing for photos
Even at the train station, there were rather obvious gypsy pickpockets hanging around the ticket machines. One of them just couldn’t stop himself trying to ‘help’ me buy my ticket even though I’d clearly said to back off. I could tell he knew that I knew what he was up but he just didn’t care. I ended up having to go join a queue at a group of different machines as I just knew the gypsy guy was going to grab my wallet and run off. Asshole.
Usually the scam goes that the helpful gypsy will assist you in figuring out the ticket machine, but then expects payment and even will just grab your change out of the ticket machine. The Italian train ticket machines are actually very easy to use. You really don’t need any help. You can change the language to English and boom, you’re walking away with your ticket minutes later. Much quicker than waiting in the always really long queue of tourists waiting at the ticket window. If a person hanging around the machine isn’t wearing a uniform, then be suspicious.
I ran to my train as the stupid gypsy guy had made me late, and jumped on. Ready for the next beautiful destination.

Where I stayed: Hostel International Youth Hostel Piero Rotta Milan
Price: €21 in a 6 bed dorm
Overall: Don’t stay here. It’s an old building and the staff were quite unfriendly. It has a low rating on hostelworld for a good reason.

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