Fighting Pisa Monsters in Italy 

I felt really happy as my plane flew in and landed in Pisa, Italy. As cool as Spain and Portugal had been, Italy was the main part of the trip that I was most excited about. I had very good memories of all the delicious pizza and pasta I’d consumed last time during my Contiki tour.

My heart still beats a little faster when I remember eating this slice of pesto pizza on my last visit to Florence
I walked to my hostel from the airport. Which sounds dramatic but really wasn’t. Pisa is actually surprisingly small. So small that the airport is right next to the town and maybe just two kilometres walk from the leaning tower.
After depositing my bags at the hostel, I was ready for some tower action!
I sat by the tower on the Field of Miracles for a while people-watching. The classic tourist poses holding up the tower but really looking like kung fu ninjas. I of course did my own kind of posing.
After that, well there isn’t really a lot else to do in Pisa. I could see why a lot of people go to Pisa as a stopover purely just to see the tower, then move on after an hour. I wandered about, found a cat, brought an Italian phrase book, and settled in at my hostel to decide on the next destination.

Where I stayed: Hostel Pisa
Price: €16 in a 8 bed dorm
Overall: Was an okay hostel with a free buffet of pretty average Italian food every night. I mainly choose this place because it had a 24hr reception so I could check in on arrival. A lot of Italian hostels close for cleaning during the day and won’t even answer the door sometimes until 3pm. I prefer to dump my backpack asap when arriving in a new place so this hostel fitted that purpose perfectly.

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