Arty Bilbao, North Spain

After a long long bus ride lasting about eleven hours, I finally arrived into Bilbao in Barque Country right up in central North Spain. The length of the bus ride had been a necessary evil as by now, I only had four days to make it to Barcelona for my flight, and North Spain is surprisingly ginormous.
I checked into my hostel and had a much needed power nap. I wish I was the kind of person that can sleep on public transport, but I just can’t seem to get comfortable enough to doze off. And well the one time I was exhausted enough to, I woke up to a man’s hand on my leg. Hm.
It was still light outside so I chucked on my sneakers and was off for a riverside stroll as recommended by the hostel receptionist.
As I approached the modern art museum, steam started coming out of the bridge!
I’m starting to realise I quite like photographing kayakers. And bridges
Cherry blossom trees overlooking the city
Barque country is famous for pinchos which are essentially just tapas but a little bigger. Usually some kind of meat or seafood on top of bread. Or a mini-version of a gourmet meal. And generally not gratis with alcoholis drinks. My dinner comprised of about four different delicious pinchos accompanied by some blanco vino.
Just the first of my pinchos that night. Loved the mini burger especially
The next day was all about seeing some modern art at Bilbao‘s most famous tourist attraction. It was indeed an awesome museum which I spent an enjoyable four-five hours in.  The Guggenheim art was definitely a lot less horrifying than the collection at Santiago’s Modern Art museum.
A wishing tree
A big flower dog outside the museum
This display was a really interactive net filled with plastic balls. Can you see the people climbing inside?
Then I swung by the hostel to pick up my backpack and was shortly on a bus again on the way to a little beachy place called San Sebastián.
Where I stayed: Bilbao Akelarre Hostel
Price: €19 in a 6 bed dorm
Overall: A little further out from the centre but I quite liked this hostel with its funky red and black décor. Definitely not a party hostel but a good place to chill with friendly staff.

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