Beachy Tarifa

During my final evening in Malaga, I made a spontaneous decision to head to a small coastal town called Tarifa in the morning, rather than Algeciras (a larger port city) after hearing some chat from other travellers about the simple beachy beauty of Tarifa. The other thing that made up my mind was that the scuba diving company in Tarifa was the only one to respond to my emails about booking a dive in a timely manner.

Tarifa was in a word – lovely. It is located in the most southern tip of Spain. The sun was shining and the sand golden on the beach with about fifty different kite surfers zipping around on the water. I felt so relaxed as soon as I arrived.

Thought I better add one non-beach photo



The next morning bright and early I was down at the Yellow Submarine diving centre going through a diving refresher and suiting up. Swimming through the cold water looking at fish brought back a lot of happy memories of learning to dive in the Great Barrier Reef last year. My highlight of that dive was getting to see a giant lobster inside a cave.

Halfway through I realised something important which was that I am most definitely a warm water diver. The fourteen degree south Spain waters were much colder than the twenty six degree water I had gotten used to in Australia. Even with a thick full body wetsuit, boots and a hood, it didn’t take long for me to start shivering. I had originally planned to do two dives that day but was just simply too cold and shivery after the first one.

No photos sadly as my camera isn’t waterproof but this is what a lobster looks like.

Image from

After a long hot shower, I then hopped on a ferry and sailed across the Gibraltar strait towards Africa.

Where I stayed: The Melting Pot Tarifa
Price: €12 in an 8 bed dorm
Overall: A great relaxing hostel. Definitely not a party hostel. It ended up being the second best out of the Melting Pot chain hostels that I stayed in. The best feature of this hostel was the rooftop terrace with sun loungers. I spent a few hours relaxing and admiring the view in the warm sun. And most funny of all, the wifi password was the most complicated one I’ve ever seen. It went something like this hgkaDP1dj97wuBs0U. Seriously.


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