Off to Malaga with a side-trip to Granada

Surprisingly I felt quite nervous as my plane landed in Malaga in South Spain. I couldn’t really pin it down to anything other than a combination of a crap sleep the prior night along with excitement and nerves at jumping into a foreign culture. But I was still a little shakey as I walked through Spanish customs and obtained my entry stamp.

Once I arrived at my hostel I felt a lot better. Dumping my backpack I grabbed my kindle and sunglasses and headed straight to the beach. Conveniently located only fifty metres from my hostel. It was too cold to do any actual proper swimming or tanning. But lying fully dressed on the beach watching the sun go down with a good book still felt pretty amazing and the perfect start to my holiday.


The next day I wandered through to the city centre and looked through the maze of shops. I had some delicious tapas for lunch which were miniature wee burgers with teeny tiny fries. Super cute! I checked out the Picasso Art museum since Picasso originates from Malaga. But decided I didn’t really fancy his style.

One of the dogs at the hostel tried his hardest to convince me to share my breakfast
An example of Picasso; Image from

I walked up a steep hill situated in the middle of the city with a good viewing point of the city and castle on top. It was a great spot to sit and enjoy some people and squirrel watching.

With so many pretty flowers around, I had to practice my photography


The next day, I decided to do a day trip to a nearby city called Granada. Malaga didn’t really contain any more tourist attractions of interest to me so Granada was a good way to prevent boredom setting in. Arriving in Granada, I found a really funky wee city set higher up in the mountains. It was rather chilly (requiring all my layers and puffer vest to keep warm). I ended up only seeing one tourist attraction there before I ran out of time – Alhambra. The Alhambra is an Islamic palace with beautiful gardens. It is the most visited attraction in the whole of Spain and approximately 8000 people visit every day. I unfortunately rather underestimated how much time I needed to explore the whole thing. And then ended up rushing back to the bus station to catch my return bus. Had I realised how lovely Granada and Alhambra would be, I would have given myself a night there instead of returning to Malaga.

A rather impressive photo of the outside; image from






Where I stayed: The Melting Pot Malaga
Price: €8 per night in a 10 bedded dorm
Overall: Not a bad place with friendly staff and yum breakfast. Right next to the beach with great views, and away from the noise of the central city. Not as good as the other Melting Pot chain hostels I ended up staying in later in the trip. One thing some people wouldn’t like is that the rooms have no locks. There are lockers within the rooms for your valuables but nothing to stop other people entering your room..


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