Checking out the graffiti scene in London

Another overdue post for you guys. But this one is mainly to show off some colourful graffiti photos.

Last year I brought a voucher for London graffiti walking tour but had never gotten around to using it. I swear it was the fault of that procrastinating Spanish voice again. I looked at it back in late February and realised suddenly it was about to expire. Whoops! I had already been planning to go up to London that Friday anyway in order to meet up with Shelley and a couple of other newly arrived New Zealanders for dinner, so it actually worked out perfectly. It did mean waking up super early after a night shift in order to reach London in time for the tour. As in I only had three hours sleep that day, but it was worth it.

Who knew graffiti could be so beautiful

Dinner was at my favourite Thai restaurant and then we took off to the Hippodrome casino for a live music gig by one of Shelley’s favourite bands – PB Underground.

And then just to show off yet another photo in this post, later that weekend I went to a small Brighton tea shop called the Tea Cosy for a wee tea party with some workmates. It was delightful!! And extremely delicious.

Notice the little finger sticking out properly?

And that is the end of the overdue England posts. Next up – Malaga!


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