Only Two Weeks Left!!

As I’m sure you’ve all been aware, time has continued on in it’s relentless march. Ticking away while an exciting destination draws closer and closer.

And now it has gotten to the stage where in two weeks exactly, I will be in a new destination ready to start two months of travel and sunshine.


It’s been a long six months in Brighton. It was actually two consecutive work contracts as I figured I might as well work right through winter in order to free up the warmer months for travelling. I’ve been saving my pennies with only the occasional trip to close by cities and countries resulting in my bank account looking very healthy. It’s also helped that all my apartment bills are paid by my agency as part of my contract. All I’ve actually needed to spend money on is food, my cellphone, and some intermittent midnight shopping splurges on eBay and Amazon. 

I am feeling quite ready for a break as working for so long has been tiring. I’ve noticed some of the side effects of living in England lover winter like that seasonal affective disorder that is so common here. There were so many days where I went to work in the darkness in the morning, then finished work in the dark again. No windows at work and no sunshine is a little depressing. Now the days are changing and the sunny Brighton I remember is beginning to return. It was even warm enough yesterday to wear a t-shirt outside!

As of today, it is now only a mere fourteen sleeps and eight work shifts left until I fly down to South Spain. I’m starting my travel in the city of Málaga, and have specially hand-picked a hostel that is right next to the beach. 

After Málaga I have plans to catch the ferry from the southern tip of Spain across to Morocco in Northern Africa for a little bit of time before I fly back into Spain and wander around. I have very loose flexible plans for the rest of my trip which for me is the most thrilling part. Some people love to plan out every single step of their journey but I feel more excited by spontaneity. I will have a whole month to go wherever I feel like before I fly over to Italy and do the same thing there for another month. Doesn’t the thought of that make your heart sing?

In order to enable the most flexibility and impulsiveness possible, I brought something called a railpass. A railpass is a special ticket which gives you unlimited train travel on the national rail network of one or more countries, so you can travel around freely and explore for a set number of days. The ticket costs more depending on how many countries and ‘days’ you purchase. For my pass, I went for ten days over two months within three countries (Spain, Portugal and Italy). The overall price works out to something like €30 per day which is quite a bargain. Usually you only get that price if you book your train at least a month in advance. Some countries you also have to reserve a seat on the train which comes with another small fee, and you can do this on the day of train travel itself. A lot of the time otherwise you can just turn up at the station, wave your pass around, jump on any old train, and ride all day long. 

I have booked some things like flights in advance as dirt-cheap flights are harder to obtain without some planning. But so far, my initial flight to Spain, from Morocco back to Spain, across to Italy, and my return flight to England are the only deadlines for my trip. Yipee!

So I am feeling terribly excited and finding it hard to think about anything at the moment. You might remember too I talked in another post about trying to learn some Spanish. Well I kinda failed at that. After I went to Amsterdam, I got back and lost my flow. But I’ve switched my computer and Facebook to Español which has helped me to pick up little bits like me gusta and amigo. Maybe I’ll somehow absorb the language when I arrive?

Fourteen sleeps lefts!

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