Christmas Update

In the meantime I have created an elf video featuring some of my favourite people. Use the link below. And get ready to giggle. Or be extremely horrified.

And if the link doesn’t work, well I have snapped some lovely screenshots just in case!

My beloved mother. Sadly I couldn’t find a good photo of my dad to elf-ify him too

Never knew Shelley was so flexible

Snazz getting very excited about recycling

Rose doing the elf jig


I think my favourite photo is the one of Shelley doing the splits. I find it hard not to smile looking at it.

At the moment the weather is quite nasty and wet outside my apartment. Yesterday was gale-force winds resulting in many elderly patients presenting to A+E  from being blown over. As I walked home after work, I felt like I was about to take off and fly myself each time a particularly strong gust blew. It’s not looking so likely for a white Christmas this year.

As for how I will be spending Christmas day, I will be working a long twelve hour shift for the whole day. Which I am quite happy about as the alternative would have been sitting in my apartment all alone and homesick. At least this way I get to spend the day with my ‘adopted family’ workmates, eat until I feel sick with all the food everyone brings in, and experience the UK version of Christmas. And then drink plenty of mulled wine afterwards (my latest addiction) while I rip into presents.

To all my family, friends and readers, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope you have a happy day.

Love and hugs!

Sachy x


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