And The Domesticated Girl Continues

So chilled

Every day I feel about as relaxed as this kitten. My main stressors occur when I have to leave my warm snug apartment to get food, or to work. But mostly this is due to the changing of the seasons outside bringing cold stinging rain with a bitter wind. And I think to myself, surely it can’t get any colder! It’s not even officially winter yet..

Then I return to my cheerful insulated apartment and instantly relax again.

Since my last post I’ve focused on working away at my job, getting to know my workmates, drinking too much herbal tea, and had a couple of friends come visit me. My bank account is beginning to look quite healthy, and I find myself thinking thoughts of where I’ll go to first once my contract finishes in March. Using my favourite flight search website skyscanner helps me brainstorm where I might go. I generally like to use cheap flights to help choose my path. The ones to places like South Spain or Italy are looking quite appealing for now..

I’ve also been fully converted into a Doctor Who fan now which I’m sure will please many of you. Watching my way gradually through the seasons, I keep finding it gets more and more amaze-balls-tastic. I’m hoping to have finished watching in time for the new Doctor Who movie coming out. So little time and still two whole seasons left to watch.

I still get a little thrill every time I see a tartis.

I’ve had a few favourite moments over the last few weeks. One was when Imogen came and visited me in Brighton. It was a rainy day but we still had a great time hiding in cafes and a pub within the lanes. Luckily when Shelley came to visit me the next week, the weather behaved much more properly meaning we could check out the roller-coasters on the pier, walk along the seafront, and play with some toys in the museum.

A rainy day with Imogen. Too wet for photo taking boo

Top left: PSL!, Top right: The old Royal Pavilion. Bottom left: Shelley loving our seaside stroll, Bottom right: Some creepy toy puppets.

A woman watches her dog run

The last photo is one I took while walking with Shelley. I love how joyful the dog is while his owner waits patiently.

I’ve even had some weird patients at work like a drunk chick who was so intoxicated, she tried to bite her mate who then called an ambulance, only for this drunk chick to end up blowing raspberries for a whole half hour on a hospital trolley. And there was the man with a post-op fluid collection in his abdominal surgical wound. It was like a never ending volcano with the amount of icky fluid that erupted out. And a lady who felt scared of dying on a particularly windy night.. So she decided the hospital was a much safer building to be in than her house. Oh and an elderly man who tried to strangle a doctor with his stethoscope the other night while yelling out for the police. He was just a little bit confused.

I love that I get to meet interesting people in my line of work.




5 thoughts on “And The Domesticated Girl Continues

  1. Lol love the 10/10 pain one! How many junkies come in complaining of 10/10 pain, meanwhile chatting and giggling on their cellies?!

    • Omg yes how true is that. I did have a junkie guy the other day asking me for pethidine as that was the only thing that would help his 9/10 pain. Meanwhile he was looking rather relaxed and happy lounging on the trolley. When I responded that we don’t stock pethidine, he said oh I know it’s stock up on this other ward, you can just go get some from there for me! No way buddy!

    • You know I tried using that pain rating scale of ‘balls in a meat grinder’ comparison to one of my male patients who wanted to know what 10/10 pain should feel like. The look on his face was quite worth it!

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