Again another city that is Europeans know by a different name as Munich, the German name for it is actually München.

After Prague we returned back into Germany. This time into the south end rather than the north where Berlin is located. I was quite happy about returning to Germany after loving it so much the first time. Munich is a city with a population of about 1 million. This is where the fifteen day festival called Oktoberfest happens every year. Apparently during the beer festival, about 6-7 million tourists visit the city within those fifteen days. No wonder it is recommended to book accommodation well in advance! I plan to attend Oktoberfest but probably not until 2014 as this years accommodation is already all booked out.

To kick off the Munich experience we started with a guided bike ride around the city. This bike ride was AWESOME. Done by a company called Mike’s Bike Tours, it’s run by two hilarious Australian guys who love their jokes. These guys had me laughing the whole ride. Sight-seeing can be a little boring/tedious sometimes. Personally I find I can only handle so many statues and beautiful buildings in a day. But two cheeky Aussies with funny and rude history jokes and stories was just great.

A big yellow church

I can’t even remember the real story behind this statue, but I much prefer the Aussie version that this man was the inventor of the high five

A lion with surprisingly large testicles
They took us to a massive green lush park called English Park and showed us a meadow where people like to sunbathe. The majority of people were wearing swimwear, but there were a lot of old men with their sausages out. And one wearing just big black hiking boots. And one nicknamed Tripod..

Among the masses lies naked old men..
There is a gorgeous blue river flowing through the park with a strong current and rapids. It was another incredibly hot day similar to the heat in Prague. Before I knew it, the whole group, guides and including me, were down to our bras, underwear, jocks and jumping in the river floating over the rapids. It was a really unbelievable magical experience. The kind of spontaneous thing you dream of doing when travelling. The water was freezing cold but so refreshing. It was difficult getting out of the river with the current being so strong. I did almost lose my undies in the process which could have been very embarrassing! But that didn’t stop me jumping in a second time.

We dried off on the bike ride to a different part of the park called the Beer Garden. Lots of beer and traditional German food served here right in the middle of the park. I tried my first beer (a radler where the beer is mixed with sprite to make it sweeter) and actually found it quite drinkable. A massive juicy pork knuckle accompanied the beer quite well.

And yes I managed to eat the whole knuckle
Then after that (yes this bike tour saw a lot of really cool stuff), we went to another part of the river within the park. This river section was after a bridge which created an odd current making a wave. This wave was perfect for surfing. And there were people actually surfing. It looked like so much fun.

I really gotta try learning to surf sometime
And then the biking tour was finally over. I was really happy with this tour company so definitely recommend them. I plan to do another tour with them on my next Munich visit.

The rest of the night included a quick catchup with a friend, and turning the contiki bus into a party bus. Lots of dancing and singing. Was a really great night. Munich is an awesome city that I will definitely return back too.

Final Munich Verdict – Fabulous


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