I <3 Berlin

Following a terrible sleep the night before thanks to some inconsiderate roommates, I was on my way to the German city of Berlin.

I’m not sure how good your geography is but to get to Berlin, it involves driving through the Netherlands and across most of Germany. A distance of about 700km. It was a loong day.

A bit of my tour map just to help you see the long-ness
Plus in the news recently you might have heard about the flooding in Central Europe. This meant the motorway was really really busy. The poor bus driver tried to take some side roads to skip traffic but each road he drove down was underwater. This made the drive just a tiny bit longer. Instead of taking the expected six hours, it actually took us over twelve hours to finally arrive in Berlin late at night.

See how high the water level is on the trees
In the morning I started with a walking tour around the main central Berlin sights. It was a great tour as it covered so much and the guide was really informative. He was also well-practiced with guiding a younger age group so really tailored his language and talks to us. It was great as it helped to maintain interest without getting boring. As he explained too, the Germans generally don’t have descriptions/info plaques at any of the statues or sights, so without his knowledge and theories, a lot of the sights would have meant nothing to me. Check out these cool photos.

A really cool church

Showing my church appreciation with a jump

The German love their traffic light walking man so much that he’s become a bit of an icon

Haha someone photo bombed me in the Jewish Houlocaust memorial. This was a cool memorial though. It’s designed specifically to not make sense

The Berlin Wall..

Me and some painted wall plus Shelley’s finger
I made sure to try some local food this time like a curryvurst (curried sausage) and a kebab (so delicious). There were a few other things too but I have no idea what they were called.

The rest of the day involved walking around and looking for a handbag for Shelley. Unfortunately I am not a safe person to take into so many shops so I ended up doing a bit of shopping too. Have to say my bag is getting very very difficult to zip up now. Not to mention the weight is getting heavier and harder to carry. But all of the purchases made are things I really really love, like a bright flamingo pink fossil wallet was my favourite purchase that day.

Later that night involved looking at some of the Berlin Wall and learning about the history (it’s all so interesting!). After going to a few pubs which involved playing detective with clues to find the next pub from the tour guide, Shelley and I checked out the East side gallery. This is the most famous section of the Berlin Wall within the city as it is covered in street art murals along its 1.3km length. I love big street art graffiti paintings so looking at this wall was a big highlight for me.

I am addicted to jumping photos at the moment sorry haha
Again it felt very safe wandering around Berlin. There are lots of people about and public transport trains run all night. I was really surprised at how much I loved Berlin. The German food is amazing. It would be easy to get fat on all the good food. I wish I liked beer as I’m sure I would have found that equally marvellous. The people are really friendly, and the amount of cultural stuff just everywhere is staggering. One day was certainly not enough so I will definitely have to return to Berlin again.

Final verdict: amaze-balls!!


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