London Yah!

After a massive twenty four hours of flying, I had finally arrived and set foot on English soil.

Yesterday morning was a chilly one even by New Zealand standards. Shivering with the temperature being only a mere 3 degrees, I awoke far too early Saturday morning and rode to the airport with my parents. With tearful hugs (partly too from kicking my shin into a table), I headed onto the plane.

My thoughts were many during the long flights. A little bit of uncertainty and homesickness already. Also a lot of rubbing my sore shin. You should see the bruise. Quite impressive. I spent a night in Singapore in Little India just to break up the journey a little and to help reduce the jet lag.

Finally after what felt like forever and a zillion airplane movies, I had arrived. Customs was incredibly busy, but after surviving the hour-long queue, and succeeding in not looking like a terrorist or druggie, I made it out into the terminal to see Shelley’s smiling face waiting for me.

The next day was a massive sight-seeing day filled with English wonder. Best shown with some photos.

A typical English street filled with old buildings and history

Yee old telephone box – call me

Guards on horses just hanging out everywhere

Westminster Abbey – A cathedral so beautiful and big, that your brain goes numb halfway through the tour and just can’t take more beauty in

Me and Shellz rock it at the Tower Bridge

Still rocking at the halfway bridge point

Matthew and I at my first West End musical – The Phantom of the Opera! It was AMAZING

Shelley and I checking out the Coronation ‘Bling’ Coach

A photo of the Crown Jewels as promised for my Grandma (couldn’t take photos of the real thing though sadly!)

Loved all the wax at Madam Tussards museum
It was an amazing 48 hours and I can’t wait to go back and see more. But now it’s time for my contiki tour. Starting at the hideous time of 6am to head off to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.



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