Esperance Baby!

Making it to Cairns – Tick!

So the last you heard from me, I was sad, but enjoying my final night in Norseman and looking forward to the excitement of the next step of my journey.

I have been a little slack updating with a new post. Sorry about that folks! I promise to try and improve at posting more regularly. I know that a few people (well okay, maybe only my mum) are living vicariously through me right now so the more updates, the better.

I had my final shift at Norseman Hospital and ate far too much farewell food. Lots of hugs, telling offs from the elderly residents for leaving, some tears later, and I was loading my suitcase into the car ready to travel to Esperance with Joe (aka the hospital gardener/maintenance man/plumber/security guard/ambulance driver/ and taxi driver that I mentioned in an earlier post). A delightful journey went by quickly and then I was safely in Esperance sleeping in the big girl bed (Ella’s future bed) with my Aussie best friend Rose and her family. And her chickens!


Chickens excite me okay gez

So soothing to watch her chickens busily pecking with purpose. And happy free range eggs – delicious!


Simply gorgeous

I did a bit of sight-seeing and saw some of the unbelievable beauty surrounding Esperance. The water is just so so blue. These photos are nowhere near as beautiful as the real thing. But if you come to Western Australia, definitely check out these beaches. And of course Ella loves the beach as much as I do. Paddling and building sand. It just rocked her little world. She did end up getting a little soaked and very sandy with all the paddling excitement.


Rose assisting with the paddling

Okay just one more Ella photo… 


Bwa ha! It’s three-in-one

After a very happy few days, it was time to move on. Unfortunately my secret plans to kidnap Ella and the chickens fell through, and I flew away from Esperance with a big hole in my heart. It’s hard to say when the next visit will be. But I can’t wait until it happens!


A big pile of family

I had a loooong day of flying that day. One flight ended up being delayed due to bad weather so by the time I finally arrived in Cairns, it was 1am. I was knackered!

(Image courtesy of Tripadvisor) Here I am Cairns!


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