Getting To The Last Week

The last few weeks have been a bit of a long tired blur for me. But now I only have seven days left in Norseman.

As a bit of a recap since my last post, for the last three weeks straight, I’ve been on night shifts. With the exception of just two day time shifts (which I think is when I did my last post?), I essentially became a walking talking zombie avoiding the sunlight. And it was awful. I struggled with fatigue from the poor quality of day time sleeping, and the endless boredom of having very little to occupy my tired mind at work each night.

Then I battled with the worst insomnia that I’ve ver experienced once my nights were finished. Let me tell you now, nothing is so awful as feeling exhausted and utterly drained, forcing yourself to stay awake all day, then not being able to sleep until 3 or 4am in the morning, and being zombied again the next day. So I am pleased to announce that those three weeks of torturous graveyard shifts were the last ones I’ll have to do for at least four months until I have another nursing job in the UK.

Perhaps the reason no ED patients came to visit me overnight was because I looked like this? (Image curtesy of
In other events, sadly my flatmate Andrew has finished his contract and returned home. As a hint to his popularity, there was more than one farewell party in the week leading up to his departure. There may have been a few tears shed on his last day. Not from me alas. Andrew was actually lucky to even get a zombied dragged-myself-out-of-bed-specially hug from me on his way out the door. And an amazing Oreo cheesecake I made for one of his goodbye parties.

If you are interesting in trying your hand at this utterly delicious and easy-to-make cheesecake, check out the recipe at

And a couple of Andrew photos that I can’t resist sharing with you :D

Laughing so hard he couldn’t stop for over five minutes

Andrew decided he needed to climb the lookout roof to get the best view

The flatmates Ron and Andrew standing proud
Missing the workmate and good friend that brought so much laughter and smiles into my life! I wish you all the best Andrew and look forward to when we next catch up for a giggle.

Until the next post, over and out!


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