Farewell Dinner

The other night we had a sad farewell dinner for one of the nurses.

Meet Bev. One of the coolest loveliest nursesI have ever worked with.
Sadly Bev was at the end of her work contract. She was missing her family on the other side of Aus after a loong 3 months here so it was time to head back. But not without a fab dinner first!

First up on the menu was a delicious spicy Tom Yum thai soup with mixed seafood prepared by my housemate Andrew. Accompanying the soup was some yumo baked garlic bread buns prepared by Bronwyn (another workmate).

Next was my vegetarian nachos. Which were a big hit with my workmates who’d never realised nachos with lentils instead of mince are still pretty freaking delicious. See my post from last week for the recipe here.

And last up was dessert. Wow is all I can say. Rollo cheesecake bars. You have to try these!!! Seriously check out the recipe here. Bron now holds the Norseman Dessert Champion award.

And then to finish off such a lovely evening, there was a bit of soap suds fight while the dishes were being washed.

And of course a bit of this:

Now please erase that image from your memories hehe.

Bev you will be missed. Thanks for being such a great workmate and friend, and I wish you all the best in life.


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