New Things

The other day just for fun I made a Facebook page and Twitter account for my blog.

Best idea ever.

Up to a whole 37 likes wow!
Until the other day, I really wasn’t sure if anyone else apart from my mum read my blog. If anyone was actually interested in what I’m up to and doing, hearing my thoughts and feelings on this amazing journey of self discovery and growth, fascinated by my impression of the world and travel, excited by my photos.. Etc.

But I was wrong. According to my Facebook page, there are a whole 37 people out there so far, that are interested in my musings. And that 37 doesn’t even include my mum.

It is very encouraging having my friends read and enjoy my blog posts. I’ve had a few messages of support and love for the blog. And it is just so empowering seeing that my writings are reaching others.

I originally started this blog, after being inspired by other amazing travel blogs out there on the web, and as a way of keeping close friends and family aware of my trip progress. But it has become more than that now. I feel like I am gaining deeper friendships and making new connections with other new followers of my blog.

So a big huge thank you for the support. It really means so much to me. And I hope you continue to follow me on my adventures.

Check out my Facebook page here and feel free to like it :)

Or even follow me on Twitter here.


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