Birthdayness and Happiness

I ended up having a lovely birthday. I awoke to yummy chocolate presents and baby cuddles. Followed by shopping for running shoes and toys.

I ended up spotting a wee wooden tea party set in the toy shop and falling in love. Of course I spent the rest of the afternoon playing with Ella and having imaginary tea to drink with Mytle the turtle toy. All with mini piano music in the background too.

Mytle’s close cousin, curtesy of google
And then delicious vegetarian nachos for dinner. I am in love with this recipe! It’s so easy and yummy. And best of all – healthy!

You will need:
2 cans of lentils (juice rinsed off with water)
Can of spicy chilli beans (or use kidney beans for the mild version)
Can of chopped tomatoes
Nacho sauce flavour packet
Sweet Thai chilli sauce
Tomato sauce
Corn chips
Sour cream

Simply chuck lentils, beans, tomatoes, nacho flavour, big dollops of chilli and tomato sauces into a fry pan. Heat up and mix. Simmer for maybe 5ish minutes. Then serve on top of corn chips with grated cheese and lots of sour cream. So easy! And so so tasty.

The leftovers the next day are even better once the flavour has marinated overnight and gone to even further levels of deliciousness.

Image curtesy of Living In the Kitchen with Puppies (my nachos just weren’t as pretty)
During my time in Esperance I got to practice my parenting skills with changing nappies, bedtime washes, and trying to make an overtired child fall asleep (I failed at the last one). I have such a new found respect for how incredibly hard and tiring it is to be a parent. I really wonder how on earth all the single parents cope out there.

Then yesterday I headed back on the bus to Norseman. I was sad to leave yet a little relieved that I could switch off practice-mum mode and chill out properly. It is so much easier to relax when the eyes and ears in the back of your head aren’t constantly watching and listening to a mischievous toddler.

I arrived back and had just literally put my feet up to relax when suddenly, a surprise birthday party happened! Most of my fellow workmates turned up with a delicious cake and hugs. It was so unexpected! But so lovely :) We all enjoyed some tea and chatted away. It is such a wonderful friendly team here in Norseman Hospital. I am so lucky to be working with such fantastic workmates who chase me down to celebrate my birthday, even though I was out of town for it.

The last few days have shown me that even though I am far away from my family, friends, and broken hearted from an unsuccessful long distance relationship, happiness will still find me in my lonely moments. The strangers around me will become cherished friends, and I am growing in myself to create bonds and joyful occasions wherever I go.

It has never felt this good in my life before. As scary as the first step is, living the dream is unbelievably worth it.


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