Last Hours of Being 23

For my birthday this year I made some special plans. I decided to go for a ride in a RFDS plane…. Kidding!! I wish. Unfortunately the only way to fly in one of those neat wee planes to either be a patient (not ideal), or score a job in the service. Which might be something I’ll consider one day after all my travels and adventures. It is a bit of work to get a job in the Royal Flying Doctors Service in that you need to be a qualified midwife as well as a nurse. Meaning much more study if I decide to take that path.

But as a compromise the RFDS did fly in this week and pick up another patient :D Just specially for me so I could pose next to the plane.


Instead for my birthday, I managed to arrange my roster shifts just right, and scored 4 days off in a row.

Yesterday I worked hard all day until 3pm, and then caught the bus down to Esperance. I was all ready for more of this:

Beautiful Ella
And this:

Henry the pirate bird (one of the many household pets)
It really is so wonderful being so close to Rose, my wonderful Aussie best friend. It is so so good being able to get out of Norseman, and having someone to go visit and talk to. Especially with the hard times I’ve had recently.

Her husband Gary is also a really neat person. Right now we are spending my last hours as a 23 year old watching Forrest Gump together and having a fantastic time. He does the best imitation of Forrest’s accent I’ve ever heard!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring but I’m sure I will have a fantastic time. Especially if baby Ella plays me a song on her new mini piano!

Gorgeous Rose, Ella and Gary’s knee


6 thoughts on “Last Hours of Being 23

    • Thanks! It was very happy indeed. And yes she does indeed have her very own piano now. I can’t stop buying her things whoops. But seeing her smash away on the keys with a big dorky smile makes it worth it

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