Happy Easter Everybody!

Image curtesy of a Facebook friend

Hope everyone has a fab time eating waay too much chocolate and spending time with their family and loved ones!

Status update: Although overall I am still feeling quite low in mood, in my heart, I know it was the right thing to become single. A lot of the stress and anxieties I had been carrying around for the last few months are lifting away making me feel so much lighter and free. I now feel like I am really looking forward to my UK trip and can plan my ideas and adventures, instead of feeling distracted and worried about maintaining my relationship with Anth. I hadn’t realised how emotionally drained I had become. I have had a lot of amazing support and messages from many different people. I certainly feel like I know who my friends are now and who I can count on. Thanks heaps guys :) *hugs*

On a side note. It’s April fools day tomorrow. Being on the graveyard shift tonight, I’m thinking that I will have to set up some pranks for my fellow unsuspecting workmates.. Any ideas of naughty tricks I can do? Post in the comments below and help me out ;P


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