The Horrors of Night Shift

As I write this post I am sitting in a comfy armchair at work trying not to fall asleep. So I apologise in advance if this post doesn’t end up making much sense.

As many shift workers know, the graveyard shift is often the most lucrative in terms of money, but also the most difficult to do. The difficulty arises from the terrible quality of unnatural daytime sleep, staying awake and functional all night, and coping with the fact that the nighttime is often the quietest and most boring shift which results in the hands on the clock moving very slowly.

So yes I am currently sitting on my bum watching a DVD in the hospital lounge and being very well paid to do this. But really it’s a zombie sitting in that armchair. A zombie who just can’t wait to go to bed and drool all over the pillow. Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m a little bit of a nana and love my early bedtimes. But hey those small pleasures are what makes life worth living.

In other news my goal of exercising regularly is going well. I have been using an amazing running app called Couch to 5k (or c25k) which uses interval training to gradually build up your endurance. I’m up to week 4 of the training and can really feel a difference. It has been hard pushing myself to go for runs regularly but I find once I’m out the door and my feet hit the pavement, I break into a huge smile at how great it feels to run. This photo is one of the views from my run the other day right before sunset.


I really hope to continue this hobby as running is such an easy activity to do anywhere in the world. Except maybe in the snow.. It’s not only free, but it’s a fantastic way to explore. As my endurance builds I am gradually seeing more and more of the random streets of Norseman as each run takes me a little further.

During one run I was even chased by a tiny puppy for a block. He wasn’t too impressed that I dared to jog in front of his yard so yapping ferociously, he chased me down the street while the owner was nowhere to be seen.

I guess I should get back to work instead of rambling away on here. The aide I’m on with has just fallen asleep in her armchair so I should go prod her awake. Unless any of you have ideas for some more fun ways to wake her up? Put your ideas in the comments below ;)


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