3 Weeks In

Without even realising it, time has flown by, and I am already a quarter of the way through my contract. Only 9 weeks left. Or 62 days according to my countdown app.

The days blend together here in such a small rural town. The main focus of each day is simply passing time when not working.

And what is there to do in Norseman? Well I am glad you asked. There is the fabulous lookout above the town which one can walk up to and view the surrounding bush and white salty lakes. There is the small selection of shops to go shopping in. You can choose between the small supermarket, the cafe, the hardware store, or the pub. The local swimming pool, library and gym offer a bit of fun too. And then the list runs dry..

But with so little to do, I am finding some benefits. As I talked about in one of my previous posts, I wanted to get better at committing to regular exercise this year. Only a few weeks in and I have been a good girl and devoted myself to jogging. I really hope to form a good base fitness level and habit while I am here, and keep on getting active during my OE.

Another great benefit is that there is nothing tempting to spend money on either. So my savings for my OE are going fantastically! My dreams of being a lady of leisure in Europe are looking quite promising.

I have already been to visit Rose and Gary in Esperance on one of my weekends. They have the most gorgeous wee baby girl called Ella. Ella is beautiful and 15 months old. She has the most amazing big eyes. The colour matches mine so I’ve made plans to steal her away. I know I can get away with it as who would suspect a woman of baby-napping when her eyes match the baby ;)


Seeing Rose made me feel so lucky to have gotten my job contract in Norseman. She is a mere 2 hour bus ride away. And I am thrilled knowing I can have baby kisses and cuddles on my days off, as well as spending time with one of my best friends. Working anywhere else in Australia would have definitely reduced my chances of successfully baby-napping Ella.


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