Girl’s Trip

The last few days I spent up in Auckland with a couple of girlfriends. A bit of a spontaneous trip but it was so lovely and sunny up there. I could actually wear shorts and skirts again. It felt like summer.


It was warm enough to wear dresses!

And being female, the main activities we focussed on were shopping (mainly window shopping for me with my already too-full suitcase), beach time and eating various amazing foods.


The most amazing milk and cookies ever

I had some of the best Mexican and Korean food I’ve ever had. Ever. In fact it was possibly knowing of the amazing meals up in Auckland that made me impulsively say YES when Snazz invited me up at the last minute.

We even did a little sight-seeing and went to the bottom of the sky tower (we all decided the fee for going up to the top was a bit over-priced at $30 per person). Some dog-walking was involved at one stage. And of course watching lots of girly movies.


Tiny dogs!

Then it all came to end and I flew back down to wintery Dunedin and Anth. Shorts and skirts are now sadly packed away at the bottom of the suitcase again and I am back to wearing my warm things (check out this pic as an example):


A typical Dunedin day..

Okay well it’s not that bad every day. Just most days..

And now I only have 2 sleeps to go until I fly to Australia. Not much time left in New Zealand now!!


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