Last Day at Work Today..

Yesterday my car was picked up by its new owner making me officially carless. Good thing I still have my boyfriend’s car to borrow :P My bicycle did surprisingly well on Trademe and sold for 3 times what I expected.
Today was my final day at work.. Can’t believe it how quick this week is going.. Wow.. It was a nice day though. Had soo many hugs from everyone at work :) And then some leaving drinks afterwards at the local bar with a couple of workmates.
Tomorrow Anth and I thought we would do a trial pack of the car and see what fits in. I am doing the big rubbish dump trip that afternoon and getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit in.
And then on Saturday we leave Christchurch! We will then drive up to Blenheim and see my brother and a few friends up there for a couple of nights, and then drive down to Haast where my parents are working at the moment. After a couple of nights with them we will then head to Puzzleworld (something Anth says I MUST DO), and back to Dunedin.
And there I will wait to fly out to Australia!


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