The Fustrations of the Countdown

Wowee only just over a month to go now!!
Time is just flying past now. In 9ish days Anth and I head over to Singapore and Hong Kong for our 2 week holiday. I will get to meet his family and set foot for the first time in an Asian country.
And I’m really hoping that by then I will have secured a job in Australia somewhere. Otherwise I might have to take back my work resignation D: Or the idea of even changing my London flight to February instead does have some appeal. I am feeling a little bit of pressure to get everything done just a teeny bit. I’ve been using this to-do-list to help with my preparations. With my 2 weeks away with Anth, this means I only have TWO WEEKS LEFT of actual New Zealand time (or more depending when I start in Oz).
Another great thing about having an definite Aussie job is knowing my start and end dates. Then I can hopefully apply for my working visa for the United Kingdom as I need 2 weeks between when I get back from Hong Kong and going to Aus to allow time for my passport to make it back in time. Otherwise I’ll just have to do it while I am in Oz. Hopefully if that happens, wherever I end up will hopefully be big enough to have an airport as part of the visa process involves going to a major city to have your fingerprints recorded.
I am impatiently waiting for things to arrive in the mail. Important things. I am still in the process of trying to obtain my United Kingdom nursing registration. Getting my aussie registration was a million times easier in comparison. Just filled out one form and bam! Registered for action in Australia. The UK in comparison is a much more slow time consuming process. I started it back in June and am still slogging away. At the moment I’m waiting for another copy of a form to arrive as apparently the original form I sent the first time never arrived. Not that the nursing council actually bothered to tell me this. Thank god for Continental Travelnurse (the UK nursing agency I plan to work with)! They have been a huge help with this process. Telling me all the little secret rules and short-cuts about the application forms that the British nursing council keeps hidden from applicants. The amazing Carl at Continental has been faithfully using his special access powers to check on how my application is going. If it wasn’t for him, I would have been kept waiting forever not knowing.

Other little things I need to do include opening an Oz bank account and getting tax numbers (something I can only do once I know where I am going), take my few processions to keep up to storage in Blenheim with my parents, arrange to have all my mail forwarded, sell my car, a dentist appointment (eeeek better book that now), last-minute donation of my bed to charity (purely just so I can sleep on a real bed until the last night), have a leaving party, and freak out.
As awesome as it is counting down (I even got a fancy Countdown Timer app to help), it is soooo frustrating trying to get everything done in time. Especially when I keep thinking to myself that I only have two weeks left in New Zealand.

freak out!

This is kinda what my freak out face looks like right now.


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