Running Out of Time

Time is just flying now. Only 1.5 months actually left now until I set off. Quite a thrilling but scary thought! I still feel like I have so much left to do for preparation. But I’m sure it will all work out. At least I have the backpack now. And some shoes.
So you must be wondering what my travel plans are so far! Well first off a wee pre-holiday to Singapore and Hong Kong in January to meet Anth’s family. Come back and do all that last-minute panic packing/getting rid of all my stuff/tying up loose ends. Quit my job *gulp* Then in Feb I am zipping over the ditch to Australia first for 3 months. I will be working somewhere remote in the outback. Hopefully in a small hospital rather than a bush since that’s where the money is. The money I earn there will be a huge bonus towards my trip. And I have no clue whereabouts in Aus yet. I will only find out where my contract is about 2 weeks before going eeee!
Then once that’s done, a quick trip back to New Zealand to see my whanau one last time, Anth and Snazz. And it’s off to London in June where I’ll meet up with Shelley. We plan to start with a contiki tour first. Shelley and I have booked into this one (btw there is still space to book in Snazz if you wanna come!!) which goes all over Europe. This will give us a bit of a taste of the different countries. Then once that’s done Shelley has a friend who will hopefully be joining us. Then we will spend July touring round the UK itself. Maybe spend a week in each country and sight-see, have a fantastic time, before we settle down and get some jobs in Bath.
Bath is meant to be really really lovely. So I am quite excited that it will be the first place we “live” in. Then I figure we will work for 3ish months, have another month off to go see some other countries, come back and work another 3ish months, then same thing again. And this will be for up to 2 years :D


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