Left Behind


For those of you out there wondering, this is what I’ll be leaving behind when I go. First off I’ll be leaving behind a nice normal house and stable living conditions. Having a roof over one’s head, and the same bed, and even a room to myself to call my own is quite a luxury. And I don’t know when I’ll have that again. I am anticipating that me and Shelley will be primarily using backpackers and B & Bs to start with for the first few months. Then hopefully we will find a nice cheap flat preferably with furniture to live in. And sunshine!! New Zealand has amazing weather a lot of the time. I hear it’s a bit rainy in the UK.


Next up is my bestie Snazzy, who has lots of fun playing in children’s playgrounds :P Snazzy is an amazing person with such a fascinating personality. She always knows how to have fun and keen for the next adventure. We are addicted to similar things like Glee (one of my all-time fav shows!) and a dream of travelling. She has a very generous soul. One of her favourite hobbies is the selection of presents for others. I’m still trying to convince her to come with me next year.


And of course the biggest and hardest thing to leave behind is Anth – my amazing boyfriend. We’ve been together for about 18 months now. And he is still just as amazing as when I first met him. Such a sweet and caring guy. Really good in the kitchen. Very very good looking too with an amazing bod to match his personality ;) I love him to bits. But he understands that it’s my dream to travel. And that it’s something that I need to do. Otherwise I think I’ll just be disappointed in myself for the rest of my life for not taking the opportunity. Ideally I would go travelling with him, but it’s not the right time for him with only just starting his own dream of becoming a doctor. A dream that he has wanted his whole life. And his particular dream will occupy him for the next 5 years with studying and living life as a poor student on noodles.

On another side-note. I had better not forget to mention my family! My parents and younger brother live up in Blenheim. I usually see them every couple of months. My parents love me so much. They always support my choices and give me great advice. I will miss them so so much next year. Especially my mum who is my rock.

Travelling is something that I particularly want to do before I settle down, get married, and start a family. Which don’t get me wrong, is something that I hugely want too, although not for a couple of years yet. But having children does tend to put off any travel dreams for a good few years. Really when I think about it, as hard as it is to take this seemingly scary step and leave everything I’ve ever known behind, now is the perfect time in life to do it.


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