So I booked my New Zealand to London flight the other day.. and made it all real..
What a strange feeling. As much as I had been making all these huge plans and thinking of the the things I wanted to see, it hadn’t quite felt even set in concrete that I am definitely going. There was still that part of me that knew I could back out. But now it is definite. How exciting!
I have even managed to plan it so that the friend I am going with arrives in London a mere 5 minutes after my plane lands. And even in the same terminal. I am flying with Singapore Airlines who I hear are amazing to fly with.
A little bit about my friend now. Her name is Shelley and she is 22, blonde, and just completely fascinated with rocks, planes and wine. We went to high school together and have been good friends for about 7 or 8 years. Right now she has already started her adventure in Canada doing a 6 month job contract within a ski resort in the beautiful snowy remote Banff. I’m not sure what her role is exactly but I think she tells people things. All in freezing temperatures and blizzards. Crazy girl but she is having a brilliant time there.
Other developments for my travel include me trying to sell off some of my junk. Like for example my beloved motorcycle jacket. Which I have kept hanging onto despite my bike being stolen a good 3 years ago in the small desperate hope that it might reappear, or I might get a bike again. And lots of other junk with a similar sob story. Does feel good to be digging through all these things and sorting what is actually sentimental and worth keeping, and junk that I’ve been carting round for years for no real reason.
Makes me kinda feel like an onion. Right now I’m peeling away all those yucky inedible crusty layers and revealing all the lovely shiny fresh stuff below. Quite a freeing sensation


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