Back in April this year I made the life-changing decision that yes I would embark on an OE and see the world. And then began the planning of this massively exciting trip and crucial decisions like what colour backpack and how many pairs of shoes to take…
So a little bit about myself. I am 23 year old female and live in earthquake city Christchurch in New Zealand. Which is not a part of Australia! I am a nurse and work in the Emergency department right now. Get to treat lots of nutty people and lots of drunks, and lots of really lovely people too of course. My boyfriend is also a nurse but is living out his dream of becoming a doctor down in Dunedin right now. He has just completed the first year! And will find out soon if he gets into med school.
He is not craazy about the idea of me travelling without him.. But as he will be stuck studying for the next while, I decided to go travelling anyway in the meantime and have life-changing experiences while he slaves away.
And yes I know.. long distance relationships are incredibly hard. And I have found being just a mere 5 hours drive apart this year very hard.. let alone being on the other side of the world.. But I believe we can do it.


Hiding in the bamboo


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